About the Course

As a RSM1, you’re familiar with the basics of Scrum but would like to expand your understanding and improve your skills. Recognized Scrum Master 1 is the first part of our Scrum Leadership Series and will help you begin your journey of facilitating improvement of your teams. This Scrum Leadership Series focuses on Scrum Mastering and Product Ownership. There are 15 modules and each module is made up of a combination of readings, multiple-choice quizzes, study buddy discussions questions, and scenario-based exercises. Course agenda includes:

  • Scrum in a Nutshell

    The Scrum Team

    The Team's Scrum Master

    Modes of the Scrum Master

    People Outside the Team

  • The Team Swarm


    The Backlog

    Technical Debt

    The Story's Agreement

  • Velocity and Size

    Backlog Refinement

    Planning Day

    The Daily Scrum

    Scaling An Organization

Learn At Your Own Pace

This On-Demand course means you set your own schedule to learn! Our RSM1 course is made up of a series of modules to be completed within one year. Complete scenario-based assignments, study buddy discussion questions, and multiple-choice quizzes to advance to the next module. Students can finish this course in as little as two weeks.

This course is designed specifically for 3Back's Scrum Leadership Series. The prerequisite for this course is Foundation of Scrum or a basic understanding of Scrum. You have up to 3 months to complete the course. (see our policy page for details).
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Earn a Certification

Recognized by Scrum Guide Organization®

Prerequisites: A good understanding of Scrum and/or finished Foundations of Scrum course.

By taking and completing the class, you will receive your Scrum Guide Organization® Recognized Scrum Master 1 Certification.
Scrum Guide Org RSM 1 Badge
  • Scrum Mastering 1: Facilitating Improvement

    Scrum Mastering 2: Building Great Teams

    Scrum Mastering 3: Organizational Improvement

  • Product Ownership 1: Leading a Team

    Product Ownership 2: Making Hard Decisions

    Product Ownership 3: Leading Agile Organizations


  • What is included with this course?


  • What are the prerequisites from the RSM1 Course?

    You need basic knowledge of Scrum. The Foundations of Scrum course can provide you with that knowledge, or other preparatory courses can be substituted. Experience being a Scrum Team member will be essential for contextualizing the knowledge provided by the course and improving your real world application.

  • When does the credential expire? Do I need to pay annual dues?

    Once you are an RSM1 it is your credential for life; no expiration date and no dues.

  • Why take Recognized Scrum Master1?

    It’s not simply book knowledge; you’re learning Scrum in self organized teams by doing Scrum with Study Buddies. There is no substitute for skill gained through a collaborative effort with teammates. Real skill requires application of knowledge so that it becomes working knowledge vs simple book knowledge or theory.

  • What is the 3Back Scrum Leadership Series?

    The Scrum Leadership series develops real skill over the course of several years of study and experience. Real Scrum Leadership can be gained only through the effort of doing real work, with real teams, on real products.

  • What is the Scrum Guide Organization (SGO)®?

    The Scrum Guide Organization (SGO) is a recognition authority in Scrum. SGO recognizes that organizations, teams, courses and materials conform to Scrum’s theory and values, thus increasing market confidence and credibility. Simply said - SGO recognizes Great Scrum.

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