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Scrum was first adopted by software development teams, but today many of the Fortune 500 companies use Scrum such as Google, Spotify, Capital One, BBC, Microsoft, and Boeing (just to name a few).

The Mechanics of Scrum course will prepare you to join a Scrum Team, and learn the pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation. There are many benefits to adopting Scrum. Strengthening one's skills and credentials will go a long way to being both found and ready.

Scrum training is appropriate for anyone dealing with rapidly changing demands in the workplace environment. In a traditional organization, these roles might include:
  • Program Managers

    Technical Writers


  • Project Managers

    Product Managers


  • Developers



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Course Features


    Scrum will transform the way you collaborate with your team and organize work, while increasing productivity. All words a modern organization will love to hear!


    Enhance your knowledge and skills with this 3Back's Industry Recognized Scrum Training and you’ll receive a 3Back accredited certificate for your resume and LinkedIn profile.


    This On-Demand course is a perfect way to accelerate your understanding of Scrum! And move your career forward right now.

What You Will Learn

And How It Can Transform Your Team

  • Learn the difference between internal and external Scrum roles and how you can empower your team to be self-organizing, self-contained, and value-driven.

  • How to use agility, collaboration, and feedback to form a pathway for product and service improvement.

  • Be introduced to tools that are designed to help your Scrum Team get their work done in a way that is transparent and organized in an agreed upon manner.

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