About the Course

As a CSM, you’ve been introduced to Scrum values, practices, and applications. The next step is achieving an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM®) certification. This course consists of 13 modules. Each module is made up of a combination of readings, quizzes, group discussions and assignments. Course topics include:

  • Scrum Refresher

    History, Values & Principles

    Facilitation Techniques

  • Coaching Techniques

    Product Backlog

    Defining “Done”

  • Impediments


    Introspection and more!

Learn At Your Own Pace

This On-Demand course means you set your own schedule to learn! Our A-CSM® course is made up of a series of modules to be completed within one year. Complete assignments and quizzes to advance to the next module. Students can finish this course in as little as two weeks.

This course is designed specifically for Certified ScrumMasters. The prerequisites for this course are a minimum of one year of experience in the role and an active Certified ScrumMaster® certification.

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What does "On-Demand" mean?

Use this comparison chart to compare and contrast the differences between 3Back's three types of course formats.

Earn a Certification

Accredited by Scrum Alliance®

Prerequisites: 12 months of professional experience as a Scrum Master during the last five years; Active Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) certification.

By taking and completing the class, you will receive your Scrum Alliance® A-CSM® Certification.
Scrum Alliance Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Badge


  • Is there a test after the class?

    No, unlike the CSM course, there is no test after the A-CSM course.

  • What is required for the A-CSM Certification renewal in 2 years?

    30 SEUs need to be completed in 2 years time and payment fee of $175 to the Scrum Alliance must be made, before the A-CSM license can be renewed. See the links for more information on Claiming SEUs and you can use 3Back Resources to read our publications and receive SEUs under Category E.

  • Can I get PDUs and SEUs for this class? How many?

    Yes, you will receive 14 Category B PDUs upon completion of the course.As a Registered Education Provider for the Scrum Alliance, our A-CSM course is worth 14 SEUs as well (7 SEUs per day).

  • What are the requirements to finish my On-Demand A-CSM certification?

    Complete 13 Self-Paced Modules with one or more StudyBuddies. Attend 4 One-Hour Open Discussion with the trainers.

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We don’t just talk Agile, we live Agile. Our 3Back Team is a well-formed, Agile team; applying Modern Scrum in our own workplace. From our hands-on support staff to our seasoned consultants and trainers, we bring a real-world appreciation and understanding of your team’s needs. We are a collection of Certified Trainers and Agile Practitioners, with over 50 years of collective Agile experience and implementation.